For the cold nights in Cusco we recommend some of the emblematic bars, pubs and restaurants:


Choco-museum. When you visit us you will be able to see the chocolate making process from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar. If you have time, you should participate in one of our chocolate making workshop and experience the feeling of a chocolate maker.




The Coca Museum and Customs born in daily work and daily contact of coca leaves in the life of man in both highland coca consumption (chajchar or acullir), in ceremonies as offerings to the Pachamama (mother Earth), mama kota (mother of the lake), the apus or achachilas (hills or mountains).




The Coffee Museum seeks to rescue in a simple, didactic and sensorial the magical and fascinating world of coffee; and thus transmit information on coffee botany and planting, harvesting and selection processes to achieve a refined and exquisite coffee. Also, captivating narrative fascinating stories of effort, that more than a hundred years ago the pioneers of the colonization of the Convention Valley had to deploy.



Pisco is a term used to describe someone who is passionate and learned in the arts of pisco. In general, pisco is to be savored and appreciated among friends. It is a drink that brings smiles and happiness, camaraderie and spirit. True to its nature, pisco is a Peruvian product.



Ukukus is a cultural bar located in the center of Cusco and some of the greates local exponents of the living culture present continuously their music, dances, plays, poetry and other cultural exhibits.




If your destiny is the “Navel of the World” , we recommend to consinder to take these precautions and you will get to know its mysteries and wonders without any problems.

When arriving at Cusco it is always recommended to drink a tea made by Coca leaves. It will help with altitude sickness, but if the symptoms don´t go away, there are also different kinds of pills you can buy.

Don´t forget that Cusco is at 3.230 meters above sea level and we only have two seasons: rainy season (September – April) and dry season (May – August)

The weather during the morings is warm, but in the shade it is cold and at night it might even freeze.

However, there are more temperate regions like the Sacred Valley, which is at a 2.800 meters above sea level. Because it is a Valley it is warm during the dry season and it is cold during the rainy season with a few sunny days.

According to the climate, it is recommended to wear light clothes in the mornings and to not forget sunblock and hats; while it is necessary to not forget coats or jackats for the nighttime or even bring rainjackets.